Hot Clubs to Join 2019-2020

  1. Drama Club
    1. You can participate in the yearly play and musical by experiencing everything that it takes to put on a show!
    2. Visit Mrs. Cox for more details.
  2. Academic Challenge
    1. With practice every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you can challenge yourself with trivia questions to help prepare for the final competition in January.
    2. Visit Mrs. Cox for more details.
  3. Mu Alpha Theta 
    1. If you’re good at math, you may want to consider joining to tutor other students in classes such as Prealgebra, Algebra 1 and 2, and Geometry. This is also a good way to get community service hours.
    2. Visit Ms. James for more details.
  4. Champions for Change
    1. In this club, you can earn community service hours fast by participating in community events and helping around school by advocating prevention.
    2. Visit Dr. Belotti for more details.
  5. Zonta Club
    1. If you’re a girl, this club is for you; you can earn scholarships through this club and learn self defense methods, while also earning community service.
    2. Visit Mrs. Migut for more details.
  6. SWAT Club
    1. Swat stands for Students Working Against Tobacco. This club advocates against drug use and being a part of it can help bolster your community service hours.
    2. Visit Dr. Belotti for more details.
  7. Police Explorers
    1. Looking to go into law enforcement after high school? Then this club is for you, as it helps you get started with police training by educating participants on handcuff skills and police duty.
    2. Visit the School Resource Officer in the front office for more details
  8. Technology Education and Engineering Club
    1. If you’re interested in computer education, this club needs more students with technological knowledge so they can help educate children by creating fun and engaging presentations.
    2. Visit Mrs. Struyf for more details.
  9. Film Club
    1. High school students who want to write, film, edit, or star in films are welcome to join!
    2. Contact sophomore Sawyer Bisson for more details.
  10. Esports Club
    1. If you love gaming, you can game competitively in the Esports Club in games such as Rainbow Six, Rocket League, Overwatch, Fortnite, and more!
    2. Contact senior Cory Bisson for more details.

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