Marine Mechanics UPDATE

There’s been a lot of excitement and talk about the new marine mechanics class, so we asked Mrs. McPherson some questions.

-Why don’t we have a marine mechanics class?

“Everything was ready to go. We had the equipment. the room, and the salary, but unfortunately the teacher backed out last minute. The class is folded for now but it might reopen during the second semester. The students that were originally selected for the class that were put into an elective will have first priority in getting into the class.” -Mrs. McPherson

-Who was affected?

“The main people who were affected were students who had selected Marine Mechanics. The worst of the affected were the seniors who won’t have another chance to take it if it doesn’t get back together next semester.” Mrs. McPherson

-What are some replacement classes you can take instead?

For people interested in art, I would recommend 3D studio art. For people looking for a language credit, Spanish 2 is a good choice. For people looking to show their musical talent, Band is there for you.

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