Bienvenido Sr.B!

One of the newest additions to our Dolphin community!

Mr. Borras, or Sr. B as he likes to be called is one of our newest additions to MHS. He was born in Cuba, raised in Spain, and then worked his way up from a high school goofball to FIU graduate. Teaching was always on the radar, due to an inspiring teacher, who asked him to talk in front of the class. He’s always had a knack for helping and guiding others. Which is true according to Victor Garcia, who says, “Sr.B is always ready to to teach and appears excited to be there.”
Sr. Borras has a focus for his high school Spanish classes this year. He hopes to focus on knowing that every one of his student has learned as much as possible. For those of you who know you struggle with learning a second language… have no fear, he has a plan for you as well! Mr. Borras spoke out and said, “Its important to know your audience.” He wants to work with what your situation is ” by first identifying the problem and eventually having you speak almost entirely in Spanish within the classroom. ”
Sr.B is looking forward to learning with all of his students this 2019-20 school year knowing that it will be a fun one, but also keeping in mind that there is a “time & place”. He’s worked along side many students, including some who’ve developed from “stubborn to man”. He hopes to uphold relaxed relations with his Spanish students and fully intends to refrain from becoming to serious. So dolphins lets all give Sr. Borras a warm “BIENVENIDO” (welcome) to our Fins community!


  • Awesome!


  • Great job with the Online News Portal, to staff and all students involved.

    Special thanks to Ms. Merryman for selecting me as her subject for the article, I was honored and you did a Fantastic Job Clare! 🙂

    I’m very grateful for the opportunity to join the MHS Staff Family and I look forward to meeting every student at some point or other throughout this school year. I’m in 2222 and my door is always open (figuratively) lol

    All the best,
    Mr. B

    Let’s GO Fins !!!


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