Ms. Abbott and MHS Students Start AP Art Class

Marathon High School students were offered several new class choices this year including AP Art. Fourteen students enrolled for the course and are well on their way to success.

We asked Ms. Abbott, the instructor, a few questions about the class.

Ms.Abbott, why do you like Art?

“I like art because you can express yourself and you get to be creative.”

What exactly is AP Art?

“AP Art is a college level class, Which is more advanced and more of a student lead class . “

Ms. Abbott, what made you decide to offer this class?

“Students were asking about the AP class because they saw it on College Board.”

Some of your students were overheard talking about “sustained investigation”. What does that mean for AP Art?

“It’s the process of all artists and a question or an inquiry that guides the creation of Art.”

What are the advantages of an AP course versus a regular art course?

“The benefits are that it is a weighted high school course, you can get college credit, and there is no exam or test that you need to take to pass and get college credit.  The “exam” is your portfolio submission that is sent to College Board and scored based on a rubric in the beginning of May.”

Check out some of these current works of art from students enrolled in Ms. Abbott’s classes.




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