Get To Know Your SGA

We talked to our SGA leaders to find out everything you wanted to know but didn’t know who to ask.

What does the SGA do?

The SGA (Student Government Association) plays a big role at our school, like organizing important events, planning homecoming, promoting school spirit, and sponsoring families for the holidays.

How does our SGA accomplish things?

Students who run for a class office are invited to participate in the high school leadership class taught by Mr. Freeman. It is in that class where all the magic happens. Currently, they are hard at work promoting fall events and planning the annual homecoming celebrations to add a bit of fun to our otherwise mundane days. According to Mr Freeman, there is a good group of students in the class, making it easier for them to get things done and come up with fun ideas as a team.

Get to know your officers:

Senior Class:
President- Taylor Sokolosky
Vice President- Holly Frederick
Secretary- Micah Farrell
Treasurer- Yulicsa DeLeon

SGA Officers: President- Vanessa Martinez
Vice President- Haley Dargay
Secretary- Isabella Gonzalez
Treasurer- Delaney Collins

Junior Class:
President- Kevin Mercado
Vice President- Allison Paskiewicz
Secretary- Erick Clark
Treasurer- Sarah Paskiewicz

Sophomore Class:
President- Felicity Rodriguez
Vice President- Emily Suarez
Secretary- Lilian Guo
Treasurer- Parker Konrath

Freshman Class:
President- Riley McDonald
Vice President- Caroline Freeman
Secretary- Trinity Jacox
Treasurer- Billy Martin

Some events coming up in the near future:

  • The first home game is on Friday, September 13th
  • The Junior and Senior Powderpuff game is on September 24th (Juniors and Seniors still needed to be players and cheerleaders!)
  • Making spirit posters for the various homecoming events
  • Homecoming parade is on October 8th
  • Homecoming is on October 11th

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