Safety, ALERT and Improvements

This year, “Run, Hide, Fight” has been revamped.

Last year’s “Run, Hide, Fight” is now being replaced with  “A.L.E.R.T”. This new drill along with other protocols, intended to ensure student safety have also been implemented this school year. To the casual observer both drills seem to have the same concept and the lockdown procedures we’ve been doing for years remain pretty much the same with only a few minor changes. Students may be curious about what exactly these new procedures entail and why the administration is making such a big  deal about them. Administration answered some of our questions.

“Our top job is keeping students safe. We’ve gotta keep each other safe.”
Ms. Logan

Ms. Logan provided the following information regarding the new safety policies and procedures: “ We always look at the best modeling we can do for safety, and we found that the Run, Hide, Fight, the system was actually never intended for schools which is the main reason we made the switch. Practicing is important for making habits and almost builds files in your brain about how to react in these situations however, I firmly believe that choosing kindness is more effective than any acronym and it’s important to understand that you never know what someone is going through; a simple act of kindness can prevent so much.”

Mrs. Paul added,  “We have the new ALERT crisis response protocol which helps us determine the best action to take in a dangerous or potentially dangerous situation.  This system helps us develop situational awareness which is a good skill to possess whether you are in school or out in the community.  On our campus we have taken additional precautions. We have enhanced our supervision plan by having teachers monitor a variety of locations around the campus. We have added many more surveillance cameras.  This year, we have also placed, emphasis on following school wide procedures such as; dress code, hall passes, and entering/exiting the campus.”

Additionally, Marathon students have more access to mental health counselors provided by the Guidance Care Center and we also have a social worker on site three days a week. On our campus, safety is priority number one.

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