The annual Marathon High School fall play is coming soon to a theater near you! Auditions were held early last week. The drama club voted on which play they wanted to perform this year. The members had to choose among several plays including Shakespeare in Love, Clue, and Radium Girls. After a cast vote, there was no question about it; Clue won by a long shot!

What is Clue you might ask? It’s a murder mystery with a sprinkle of comedy based on the board game we all know and love. It starts off with the characters receiving invitations to a peculiar dinner party. Scarlet, Plum, White, Green, Peacock, and Mustard join the quest to find the culprit of an untimely murder. Along the way, they find themselves in peril!

When asked why she suspected the drama club favored Clue so heavily, director and club sponsor Ms. Cox said, ” I think since most of them remember playing this game as kids it gave a sense of nostalgia. I also think the mystery and comedy aspect was very intriguing to the members. It’s something new. As for Radium Girls, I think it wasn’t as popular because it was so heavy and kind of dark just like last years fall play: The Crucible, and though that was a great performance with wonderful acting the cast is looking for a fresh start and the audience is looking for something more uplifting and upbeat.”

The set performance dates are the 15th and 16th of November. The audience can expect laughs, mystery, excitement and a good serving of Marathon High School drama club talent!

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