After seven months our state of the art football stadium opened to the public for the Dolphins first home game and ribbon cutting ceremony. We had an awesome turn out of parents, students, and community members at the game. Athletic Director Lance Martin commented about last Friday’s game ” We used to have crowds like that every weekend. It was good to see all those old faces.”
The stadium and field projects started after Christmas last year and finished first due to the upcoming start of the football season. Ajax Building Corp. and BSSW and Rowe architects both helped in the efforts of completing the project. The final cost came down to about 12 million dollars. While completing the project, there really weren’t any issues with the construction. The weather stayed nice allowing for speedy completion. The only minor set back, says Mr.Martin, was with the track. The first hired company had issues following through and extended the work, but everything will be coming to a completion very shortly.
The next scheduled event at the new stadium is a home game on September 27th against Westminster Christian at 7 p.m. Lets hope for the same amount of supporters as our last game, if not even more! Yes, the final scores may have been hard to choke down, but with the advantage of our incredible facilities, our team will only improve. Our fabulous cheerleaders kept the spirits up, and our band kept the energy strong all night long.

School board member John Dick cuts the ribbon for the opening ceremony.

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