Mr. Wright Takes on Marathon!

From college graduate to high school English teacher..

A recent graduate from Grand Valley State University in Michigan takes on his first year of teaching! Just two months ago Mr. Wright moved from his home town, Port Huron in Michigan to be closer to his retired parents in the sunny Keys. He applied to be a 9th grade English teacher at MHS, and lucky for us got the job. In addition, he now coaches the ‘Fins golf team.
Mr. Wright has spent time student teaching and working as a full time sub. He went on to get his teaching degree because he loves working with kids, especially high school students. He also wanted kids to experience the same joys he feels about reading and writing. For some time, he considered going into physical therapy, but after realizing he really wanted to be hands on with people, he chose to be like both of his parents and become a teacher.
He says he wants to “find balance between what’s interesting and what students actually need to know.” He also adds, “Communication and understanding how you can get to where you need to be”, are the best ways to help your students. Ironically, student Trinity Jacox says just that. “Mr. Wright is very understanding and flexible with his assignments; His class isn’t hard, but definitely isn’t easy. He’s a good teacher.”
This will be a great year, with Mr. Wright eager to take topics and relate them to students lives. He wants to engage with all his English students. So, once again Dolphins, let’s all welcome Mr.Wright to our Fins community!

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