Gymnasium Sound System Needs Overhaul

Coach McDonald uses a bullhorn at the pep rally due to ongoing technical difficulties.

MHS hosted the first pep rally of the year on Friday, September 13th. Spirits were high throughout the entire school but the volume on the sound system was noticeably low. Why, we asked, was it so difficult to hear Coach McDonald and why did the music sound wonky?
The answer to those questions lies within the equipment set up for the event. We rely on a set of speakers, a sound mixing board, and microphones to hype up the crowd and play intro music for each sports team. Video Productions teacher Mrs. McDonald was seen working on the board during the pep rally and she explained, “The system we are using is actually a hodgepodge of pieces we put together to make this work. Only it isn’t working at all. Mr. Marin (the IT specialist at MHS) got the music to play correctly through one speaker and a little through the other so we had some music but the mics weren’t picking up through the speakers. We tried different microphones, different cords, different input channels, and basically everything. The amps and speakers are just done.”
Perhaps the least most obvious issue with the sound system was the bullhorn being used when Coach McDonald was talking. When Mr. Marin couldn’t bring any of the microphones to life, Coach Freeman grabbed a bullhorn so we would not have to cancel the event. But the bullhorn could only be heard when it was aimed at one specific area and even then, it was pretty low. So what are we to do for future events?
School administration explained that they were working with the Student Government to find a fix so that we don’t have a repeat of last Friday’s fiasco. With the homecoming pep rally rapidly approaching, we may have to rent equipment for the day and then go from there. After that event, the system won’t be taxed too heavily until basketball season begins early this winter. Let’s hope we can get our indoor facilities sounding as good as they look!

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