Ultimate Frisbee Chicken Wings to Marathon

First it was beach volleyball. Then it was kickball. And now the sport that’s sweeping up the youth of our island is Ultimate Frisbee. This fun, action-packed game is becoming all the rage and if you have been to the Community Park in the past few weeks, you probably caught some of the action.
But just what is Ultimate Frisbee? It’s a team sport in which players score by catching a Frisbee in the opposing team’s end zone . The Frisbee moves from place to place by air and the offense must throw and catch it in order to advance it down field. Players cannot run with the disc in hand. The disc cannot hit the ground or go out of bounds or the Frisbee changes sides and the opposing team then goes on the offensive. An interception mid-air also turns the disc over to the opposition.
Players police themselves and call their own fouls. Respecting the call is a huge aspect of the sport and contestants are expected to keep their cool and be friendly with one another.

Senior Robert Felts said of the sport, “It brings the community together, we all have fun out there, from the seasoned players to the newcomers who have never thrown a Frisbee before. It also provides a nice competitive alternative to those seeking something outside of mainstream sports.”
The sport has picked up so much steam lately, there has been a push to make it an official club here at Marathon High School. Students have been working on the paperwork to clear the club through administration to make it legit. Hopefully it will work out and we will have a Marathon Ultimate Frisbee Club but even if that doesn’t pan out, you can still fling the Fris’ almost any night of the week at the Community Park after youth soccer teams finish with their practices.

If you want to get in on this cool new trend, here’s some great Ultimate Frisbee lingo:

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