Blue is the New Black?

Image result for blue high school track

Administration has mentioned the possibility of making the new school track blue since the beginning of this year. However it is yet to be finished leaving many students curious over whats taking so long for these advancements to be made.

Mr. Martin answered a few of our questions about the track.

What complications are slowing down this process?

“The original company over-extended and couldn’t fulfill our small window of time so Ajax had to find another contractor.”

When is the new track predicted to be ready?

” As said before we have a small window of time because the football team needs the field. The new contractors are actually ahead of schedule and the track is predicted to be ready by next Wednesday or Thursday”

Does the blue have any symbolic meaning?

“The standard color for track is red, but red is Key West’s colors so we decided to make the track blue.”

How many lanes will this new track feature?

“8 lanes”

Everyone is looking forward to this new track and lucky for them it’s coming soon. Good luck Fins!

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