Marathon’s Brightest

We have asked a few randomly selected Marathon students what they thought about the following questions…
If you would like to be asked questions for the up coming weeks please let Clare Merryman or Evan Patterson know!

1.) Would you rather give up breakfast, lunch, or dinner…forever?

Dinner -Caroline Freeman
Lunch -Max Hribar
Lunch – Billy Martin
Lunch -Kacie Butler
Dinner -Delaina Ross

2.) Would you rather win $10,000 or have your BFF win $100,000 ?

BFF WIN -Caroline Freeman
Win $10,000 -Max Hribar
BFF WIN -Billy Martin
Win $10,000 -Kacie Butler
BFF WIN -Delaina Ross

3.) What’s your favorite smell?

Vanilla – Caroline Freeman
Watermelon- Max Hribar
Bacon- Billy Martin
Hobby Lobby- Kacie Butler
Old Books -Delaina Ross

4.) If our school was a movie, what movie would it be?

Gossip Girl- Caroline Freeman
Planet of the Apes – Max Hribar
Sharknado – Billy Martin
17 Again -Kacie Butler
Scar Face – Delaina Ross

5.) Fish or Sushi?

Fish- Caroline Freeman
Sushi -Max Hribar
Fish – Billy Martin
Sushi- Kacie Butler
Fish -Delaina Ross

6.) If our school was an animal what would it be?

Sloth -Caroline Freeman
Pigeon -Max Hribar
Dolphin -Billy Martin
Snake – Kacie Butler
Whale -Delaina Ross

7.) What would you invent?

Cylinder pop tarts -Caroline Freeman
Teleportation -Max Hribar
Money tree- Billy Marin
Human preview glasses -Kacie Butler
A plant that will grow anywhere, that you can eat -Delaina Ross

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