The Powder Puff Game Brings Cheerleaders Out of the Woodwork

The Powder Puff game is on it’s way and the Junior and Senior girls are getting ready to compete. With a donation of $50 or more every time a new girl signs up and a concession stand for the game, they are planning to make a lot of money for both classes.

20 Senior girls and 20 Junior girls are needed for the game and currently the Juniors only have 13 signed up to play (there’s still time to sign up). So far, the classes have raised nearly $2000 with more donations on the way. Junior girls who are playing are getting prom tickets as well- a little incentive for those still on the fence about playing.

Boys are planning to cheer them on with a little role reversal. Some are even planning to show their support with miniskirts and pom-poms! Juniors Chase Taylor and Matthew Kratzert have both said they will be showing up to the game with wigs and pom-poms, and Frank Dupey is also planning on dressing the part with Miguel, Kevin and more Senior boys.

The game, originally set for the end of September, was postponed to October 22nd. Both classes still need volunteers and donations for the game so make sure to sign up! Not going means you miss out on an exciting game and all the cheerleaders so be there or be square!

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