Spirit Week on a Budget!

Because you don’t need a bag of money to have big spirit

Spirit week is right around the corner and it’s time to show off your school spirit. We’re here to suggest how you can participate without breaking the bank and saving where you can, while still looking amazing.

Pirate/Mermaid Monday, Oct. 7

To be frank, it’s much safer to participate as a pirate, since the dress code limits the Mermaid prospect, so we’re going to develop the pirate idea more. Being a mermaid is gonna break your bank and we’re trying to be cheap here.

Although you don’t have to be as handsome as our man on the left (provided by the courtesy of halloweencostumes.com), we can suggest a list of what you should have to be very close.

Must Haves You Probably Have

White button down or striped shirt, dark colored boots, at LEAST 2 bandannas, and pants, everything else is extra stuff you can get at the Dollar Store.

Tacky Tourist Tuesday, Oct. 8

Without a doubt, you probably own everything that makes a good tourist costume. (Like our man on the left provided from amazon.com).

For this one, you’re going to have to raid your parents’ closet because at least one of them own a cheesy Hawaiian shirt and a fanny pack.

Must Haves You Probably Have

Big, loose khakis, long socks, sandals, sunglasses, a beach hat of some sort, a fanny pack, a Hawaiian shirt, and a huge glob of sunscreen.

Wavy Wednesday, Oct. 9

This one is going to be tough, but if you have a pair of swimming goggles, you can do anything, within reason of dress code of course.

Must Haves You Probably Have

Swimming goggles, two 2L bottles you can spray paint and disguise as oxygen tanks (like the image on the left, courtesy of amazon.com), and a wet suit if you don’t want to wear a bathing suit over a tee shirt and pants.

Squad Thursday, Oct. 10

You’re going to have to consult with your friends to coordinate your outfits, so we can’t help much here. If you’re having trouble finding ideas, click on the link here to find some inspiration. As always, make sure to save money where you can by choosing from what you already have in your closet!

Spirit Day Friday, Oct. 11

Spirit Day is the easiest day to get ready for since we all have at least one school related shirt to throw on. If you really want to go over the top like Kacey Butler on the left, get your blue, yellow, and white paint ready.

Must Haves You Probably Have

A school shirt that says MHS, blue/yellow/white socks or pants or paint you can put on.

So with all that advice, we better see you out there getting dressed every day for Spirit Week!

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