High School Esports League Week 1 results.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege

Roster:Cory Bisson, Reef Holdinga, Max Hribar, Mary Rhyder, Sawyer Bisson

Maps: Coastline, Clubhouse

Results: Coastline: 7-1, Clubhouse 7-1 in Dolphin’s favor.

Stats for Coastline: K-A-D Sawyer: 10-3-4 Cory: 10-3-1 Max: 9-3-6 Reef: 4-4-6 Mary: 5-4-6

Stats for Clubhouse: K-A-D Sawyer: 7-4-5 Reef: 10-2-2 Cory: 7-4-5 Max: 10-2-2 Mary: 5-3-2

Rocket League

RL team wins by forfeit.

Unfortunately, all of these results are void. See ya next week.

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