What’s Your Phone Doing To You?

How are phones effecting how students live?

What is the average amount of hours spent on your phone per day? I know mine is far to high… It was surveyed that 95% of students across the U.S. bring their cell phones to class with them everyday. Of that 95 %, 92% of the students say they use their devices for other things like texting while in class. Is this effecting us? Yes! we use our devices as a source of entertainment. When we are bored we automatically proceed to whip out of phones instead or doing something such as reading, cleaning, or even sleeping.

What’s really going on?… Our brains suffer from something called a “compulsion loop”. Which is something that makes it hard for us to put our phones down. When brought upon by an awkward silence, we pick up the phone. We all are now going through some wacky things. Such as Myopia, which is equivalent to near sided eye sight. When you are looking at the screen of your phone, you are looking downward, which at the end of the day is equivalent to an eight year old sitting on your shoulders. Do you stay up on your phone at night time? Yep, then you are subject to the development of Circadian Rhythm. Circadian Rhythm disrupts your deep sleep. The blue light sends waves to your brain. This has been found to cause diabetes, obesity, and even some cancers. So switch that screen for a book every once in a while. Nomophobia is the fear of being without access to ones phone. Many of us as youth turn to our phone as the only way of communication. We struggle talking face to face with others. Both adults and kids admit to this, and some even said they didn’t even notice that it was such a large issue for them.

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