Thanksgiving is Coming…

That means it’s Turkey Time!

“If you think about Thanksgiving dinner, it’s really like making a large chicken.”

Ina Garten

Spooky season has moved out and turkey season has moved in. Although we’re sad to see Halloween go, at least we have a huge feast ahead: Thanksgiving!

Across all the cultures who celebrate Thanksgiving solely for the feast, the side dishes tend to change with these cultures. We’re all familiar with Thanksgiving dishes like bread rolls, mashed potatoes, seasoned stuffing, and the occasional Mac ‘n Cheese but for others that may be different. For example, some Hispanic cultures have tamales as a side dish whereas some East Asian cultures may have dim sum on their Thanksgiving tables. However, despite the variability in side dishes, there’s one thing that tends to remain consistent: the turkey.

Diagram of Turkey Parts Provided by yours truly

The turkey is the centerpiece of Thanksgiving, with each of its pieces bringing something to the table. When you have turkey leftovers and find yourself panicking, refer to the list below.

  • The turkey breast is arguably the best part of the turkey, and is extremely versatile when it comes to recipes. You can make salad, sandwiches, and pot pies.
  • You can always refashion turkey legs and turkey wings Disney World style and roast them in the oven.
  • In most cases, you wouldn’t eat the head, but when you absolutely must, you can hide it in your little sibling’s turkey sandwich.
  • No one’s really sure what hides in the back of a turkey, but hopefully it’s meat you can throw in a soup along with the turkey feet.
  • Maybe the turkey tail isn’t edible, however, those feathers could be used as a cool culture-appropriating headdress.

Now go have fun on your Thanksgiving break and make sure that none of that turkey goes to waste!

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