Get a Clue with the MHS Drama Club.

by Sawyer Bisson

The fall production of our very own drama club is Clue. The play is based off the very iconic board game. Join our lovable and nostalgic characters including Colonel Mustard, Miss Scarlet, Mr. Green, Miss Peacock, and more in this comedic murder mystery.

The show stars sophomores Joseph Cabrera as Wadsworth, Charles Vaughn as Colonel Mustard, juniors Ryland Sifford as Professor Plum, Mary Ryder as Yvette, Sara Gonzales as Mrs. Peacock, and seniors Kayleigh Reed as Ms. Scarlet, and Clara Williams as Ms. White.

This cast of colorful characters has been brought together by a bit of blackmail. They assemble at Boddy Manor in an attempt to stop the illustrious information from escaping. They meet a pair of house servants and Mr. Boddy himself. The play takes many hilarious twists and turns as Boddy becomes an actual body and the characters accuse one another in the same manner as you might recall from the game. The house guests and audience alike will wonder throughout the play, “Who dunnit?”

By the end of the play, you will know who did the killing with what implement and in which room, but not before a few more bodies pile up and the laughs pile on.

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