2020 Vision

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If you or a loved one has made a 2020 vision joke within the past decade and year, please consider going to your local funny doctor as you clearly have no sense of humor.

Just like Dad jokes and corny jokes, hate ’em or hate ’em, they’re here to stay for at least the remainder of 2020. The context behind this funny joke is that 2020 is considered to be the perfect prescription for vision and hence the joke is that you can or can’t see into the future. This joke was funny at first but when it gets pounded into the ground, nuked, thrown off the Empire State, and can’t cover the healthcare costs to stay alive, maybe you should just let it die.

Picture this, you are out standing on your farm, watching your field and you see a crow. Naturally, you have full faith in your scarecrows to fend off the crow. They succeed. You go to write an award for your scarecrow, all because he was outstanding in his field.

Ah, the classic scarecrow joke, overdone and not even that relevant anymore due to the reduction of farms and the rise of industrialization. Let’s face it. Bad jokes are painfully unfunny and overdone. So don’t tell them. Think of new jokes that are situational to the moment you are in. Improv comedy is way more funny than standard jokes could ever be.

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