Bats In School!

By Sarah Kratzert

At Marathon, animals are not uncommon from iguanas to crabs, but did you know we also have bats? These flying mammals have been spotted in several locations across campus including the auditorium, the stairwells, and anywhere else a confused bat may take refuge.

While bats may seem scary, don’t be alarmed! These bats are not dangerous. In fact, they are fairly docile actually. The bats making a home in our school are fruit bats so don’t worry about the old tails of them sucking human blood. These bats only eat fruit, and it’s actually not as likely as you may think for them to contract rabies. But if they did, it would be much more obvious than not as rabies have a very prominent affect on animals causing erratic behavior, foaming at the mouth, and aggressiveness. With these bats, you don’t have to worry, they’re just here to hang out.

If ever you come into contact with one of these bats, STOP! Do not touch it! Even if they are not infected with rabies, they can still transfer diseases. Instead, find a teacher and inform them of the bat and let them take care of it. DO NOT touch the bat!

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