Iguana Day Is Coming!

Every February 2nd, the rest of the country tunes in to the tiny town of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania to witness resident celebrity Punxsutawney Phil withdraw from his burrow. Legend has it that if Phil sees his shadow, he will become frightened and dart back inside to the safety of his underground home. Unfortunately, this also signifies six more weeks of winter. If Phil fails to notice his shadow, he remains on the surface and spring will come early that year.

Here in the Keys, we don’t have to worry about winter but we do have our own tradition to help predict the end of a dreaded season. Keys legend states that if you wait under the Mystical Palm Tree at noon, you can find out whether tourist season will come to an early end or whether it’ll linger on indefinitely.

Instead of a groundhog, we wait for Marathon Mike, an all-knowing iguana to predict the fall or continuance of the most bothersome season of the year, tourist season. If Mike falls from the tree, it signifies six more weeks of tourists clogging our highways and buying all the good produce in the grocery store. If Mike stays in the Mystical Palm Tree, tourist season will end early and we will have the beaches to ourselves once again!

If you want to see Mike’s prediction, you can watch DNN on YouTube on February 2nd just before noon to catch the action.

Find out what happened on Iguana Day here!

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