Marathon Says Goodbye To Two Teachers

By: Sarah Kratzert

Last week two amazing teachers left us. Though we had to say goodbye to Mrs. Migut and Ms. Abbott, their positive contributions will remain for years to come.
Mrs. Migut, our beloved seventh grade language arts teacher and ZONTA club leader is taking her amazing teaching style north to the Orlando area. Her family will miss Marathon dearly and left only to pursue an opportunity too good to pass up.
Ms. Abbott, our art teacher, left for Coral Shores which is much closer to her home. Ms. Abbott reflects candidly on her time at MHS calling it “extremely enjoyable” and that she was “sad to leave great artists and kids”. Though she was only here for four years, she made an impact in the school and on the art students who attended and loved her classes.
Both teachers leave behind large shoes to fill as they each took on many extra responsibilities. Mrs. Migut brought back the Z Club for young women in middle and high school and their community service was a shining example of the good Marathon has to offer. Her high test scores boosted our school grade each year, as well.
As for Ms. Abbott, our school can thank her for bringing us AP Art as well as the Art National Honor Society. Her Harry Potter-themed room was a safe-haven for budding artists and her many events were well-loved by the entire student body.
Though we are sorry to see them go, their absence has brought back some joy to the Marathon campus. In Mrs. Migut’s classroom, you will find a familiar face for the remainder of the year. Mrs. Paulson has come out of retirement (yet again) to shape the minds of the seventh grade classes. Mrs. Ferrise will move from the alternative education classes into the art room and Mr. Burton will then take on her responsibilities.

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