Semiweekly Top 10

Now that the excitement of the new year has faded and the joy of Christmas Break has come and gone, we find ourselves in a bit of rut. If you, too, are suffering from a case of the midyear blues and find yourself spacing out and forgetting homework, we’ve got you. Of course, we don’t condone skipping homework, buy life happens, and when it does, consider one of these…

Top 10 Excused I Didn’t Finish My Homework

by Sawyer Bisson & Sarah Gomez

  • 10. I was having a mid-life crisis.
  • 9. I ate it.
  • 8. My butler threw it away.
  • 7. I would have emailed it but I ran out of stamps.
  • 6. I was too busy playing Fortnite.
  • 5. My cat buried it in the litter box. I can bring it tomorrow if you still want it…
  • 4. The person I paid to do it asked for a raise and I’m broke.
  • 3. I was told to do a report on Yugoslavia. It’s right there- ON Yugoslavia.
  • 2. I was too busy charging my phone, eating hot chip, going to McDonalds, and lying.
  • I was hanging out with Joe.

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