Valentines Day on a Budget

  Valentines Day is approaching quickly and if you are fortunate enough to have a steady sweetie this year, you’ll want to treat him or her right. The only problem is, many of us find ourselves without the funds to properly shower love and attention on those we admire. So what’s a well-meaning yet broke individual to do this February 14th?

  • Candy- Who doesn’t love a little sugar? You don’t have to purchase the gigantic cellophane heart sampler to show someone you care. Find out what your love interest likes best and surprise him or her with their favorite treat. Wrap it nicely for added effect.
  • Children’s Valentine Cards- Remember back in third grade when that secret crush gave you a tiny paper card with a cheesy cartoon character on it. You opened the thin envelope slowly and with great anticipation then read into the message, hoping you could find some evidence of their interest in you. But alas, everyone got the same card. Or maybe that was just me. Regardless, you may think you’ve outgrown silly little cartoon cards, but you’d be surprised how much people still like getting them. Bonus points if you find a card with candy attached!
  • Flowers- Yes, flowers can be expensive, but they don’t have to be. Go pick your special someone some flowers, they’ll be cherished as much if not more than a store-bought bunch. Just make sure there are no bugs, unless your sweetie likes bugs in which case, add more bugs!
  • Socks- I know, I know, socks can be lame, but I don’t mean a pair of white tube socks. Socks can be a great gift if you’ve chosen them thoughtfully. If your love is into a sports team, find a pair in those colors. She loves pickles? Get pickle socks. He likes Minecraft? How about some Creeper socks? You get the idea. Now go get some socks!
  • Coffee- A fancy cup of coffee or flavored drink says, “Hey, I pay attention to what you like…I care!” which is just the message you want to send. It doesn’t hurt that it’s budget-friendly, too!
  • Pet Fish- A betta fish is like five bucks at the pet store and they come in a variety of colors. They live in any water-containing home so you won’t have to spend money on a tank…just recycle that glass bottle, jar, or vase. If five dollars breaks your budget, you really need a job, but I digress… There is a cheaper option. Feeder goldfish are a great way to say you care, and you can pay for one by scraping the coins stuck inside your cup holder by goodness-knows-what. Goldfish are almost red, the color of love, and can also live in a variety of cheap, recycled containers.
  • Time- Ask any old-er- wise person…the most precious gift you can give someone is your time. Make plans to spend quality time with someone you care about. Go to the park and bring some bread to feed the pigeons. Sit and watch the sunset by the water. Take your special friend fishing (bait can be a bug or some bread). Spend some time doing what your love interest is interested in.

If you spend time planning and implementing a nice gesture or small token of the caring you feel toward someone and he/she complains that you are cheap, then perhaps that special someone is not that special after all. Nobody likes a cheapskate, but there is a definite difference between broke and thoughtful and plain old cheap. If you’re thoughtful and considerate, your bank account should not matter. If it does, you deserve someone as thoughtful and considerate as you are.

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