Senior Signing

Marathon athletes Rene Tur Bernal and Diosvaldo Rojas.

    Something special happened in Marathon this past Thursday.  Two MHS baseball players Rene Tur Bernal and Diosvaldo Rojas signed their letters of intent.  Letters of intent are informal agreements between universities and prospective players.  The established National Day of signing was Thursday, Feb. 6 on which Rene and Diosvaldo made their decisions to which schools they will be bringing their baseball talents to next fall.

   Rene will attend Dakota College at Bottineau this fall and Diosvaldo will start at Clark State Community College in Ohio. This is a great accomplishment for both of these young men and the entire baseball program. 

    When asked about his triumph, Rene says, “This definitely will be one for the books.” Being the first in both families to go to college in America, it makes the event particularly special. Rene hopes to make it into a division one university. If not, he is planning on returning to Florida, to unfold what step he will take next. Rene finds that teaching has always been a passion,  chiefly due to the influence of his grandmother, a teacher, in Cuba. Rene has set becoming a teacher in mathematics or the sciences to be a long term goal of his. He would especially like to assist students who face similar struggles to what he faced when arriving here in America. 

    While in Ohio, off the field, Disovaldo will be looking forward to studying business. He additionally said that if he isn’t headed for the pros, he will go on to work with a general business background. 
   These students have gone through tremendously large challenges to get to where they are today. Since arriving here from Cuba, Rene and Diosvaldo both have broken the language barrier and are now fully fluent in both English and Spanish, with much help from their baseball coach Joey Gonzalez, and all of the Marathon community. Coach Gonzalez spoke out at the signing and said “I have watched both of them grow from small middle schoolers, to men that are like sons, and I couldn’t be more proud.” Though neither spoke a word of English prior to their arrival, the language of baseball was common to both of them. They had begun their mission of baseball success at just five and six years old. Diosvaldo made mention, that deep down, he always knew baseball would take him far, but never quite this far.
    Both athletes are looking forward to moving onto a larger playing field. What excites Diosvaldo most about going to college as an athlete is, “getting to play against a larger competition” and is eager to face  whatever comes his way. 

    Rene is both excited and ready to be “exposed to the new challenges presented” and is hoping that the opportunity he has received will inspire other youth throughout Marathon to dedicate themselves to what they love, and to work as hard as he has. 
    Both gentlemen have agreed that this experience has greatly affected their future and changed it for the better. They strongly recommend joining Marathon’s baseball team. The entire community, but especially the school are so proud of how far these athletes have come. Those looking forward to watching them play this spring, are welcome to come out to the opener game this Friday, Feb. 14 at 7 p.m. on the new baseball field.

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