Virtual School: Better or Worse?

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by: Brooke Brandenburg

This global pandemic occurring has resulted in schools switching to virtual learning. While some students are happy with this change others are not.

Many students are missing their friends and wish to go back to the traditional learning environment we know and love.

Emma Cooper says “I would much rather be doing ‘regular school’ because the only thing that I really enjoy about school is being able to socialize and hangout with friends.”

Others think that these virtual programs are easier and allow for more free time.

“As far as I see, knock out all of my assignments in about an hour and go about my day so it’s not that bad.” – Niko Bonilla

After asking peers how they felt about online school the response was pretty much split in half. Most stated that they missed their classmates but they enjoy that the virtual assignments have been much easier than what would’ve been given in a classroom.

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