The issue with the public eye (and mouth)

The COVID-19 virus is a major threat to everyone’s health so we must take precautions against it by wearing proper safety gear. N-95 masks, disposable gloves, and quarantining. However, these safety precautions are being seen as negative rather than positive.

People associate masks with already sick people rather than healthy people trying to avoid getting sick. Its just prejudice. You look at people with masks the same way you would look at a plague doctor.

People have gone as far as to go on protests against the lock down as seen in the picture below. As you can see, this causes the spread of more disease which causes more masks and protesting and all of that over, and over, and over again.

Residents protest coronavirus stay-at-home orders in 5 states ...

Source: ABC News

That’s not even the worst part. Since the virus initially came from China, a lot of racism and bigotry has occurred toward Asians, even though there is no proof that Asians are at fault. We need to stop this stigma because we don’t need more negativity in these times.

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