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How To Survive A Move

By: Clare Merryman —April 27, 2020      Moving can be stressful, upsetting, and even aggravating. What is important to remember is that you are not alone. Thousands of kids are just like you and have had to leave their old schools, friends, and homes. According to an article in the Washington Post Roughly 3.5 million Americans move homes each year. With

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The issue with the public eye (and mouth)

The COVID-19 virus is a major threat to everyone’s health so we must take precautions against it by wearing proper safety gear. N-95 masks, disposable gloves, and quarantining. However, these safety precautions are being seen as negative rather than positive. People associate masks with already sick people rather than healthy people trying to avoid getting sick. Its just prejudice. You

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Switching to Online School

by Laney Beall The Virus outbreak has led to social distancing worldwide, this means school has moved from in the classroom to on the computer. Teachers and students are new to this method and everyone is still getting used to it. The main programs students have used are Google Classroom and Edmentum. Edmentum provides lessons and assignments for classes that

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A World Revised

By: Clare Merryman      The unfortunate event of corona-cation 2020 has brought upon us a revised lifestyle, one that some may say is even inconvenient. Why inconvenient? Well, because of the disease so many have been forced into staying inside their homes, but I’ve found a new way to be out, without actually risking the lives of others.       There are positives

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