Fin Fun

     Seniors’ First Day

   By. Niko Bonilla

      Senior year is a very special and important year for most students, and one of the most important moments for a Senior is their first day making a grand entrance and starting their last year of high school with a bang. Unfortunately, due to the unexpected influx of the Coronavirus the class of 2021 did not have as much as an explosive start to their year. Though it was not expected for their senior year, the school had an alternative. Here’s what real Seniors of the class of 2021 thought.
     When asked “How did you feel about your first day in this new learning environment?” They said:


Mary Rider: ““I think we made the best of what we could have done.”
Shelby Cross: “I actually like doing school from home.”

And when asked, “When quarantine first started did you expect it to get this bad, and for your Senior year to turn out this way?” They said:

Connor Angermann:  “I expected it, but I didn’t want it to happen.”
Chase Taylor: “I never expected to go back to school, especially since my parents are on high alert.”