Softball Season Starts

By: Sarah Kratzert As we roll into quarter three spring sports have filtered into our minds, softball being one of them. Many returning players will be leading the team into this year with some new faces joining. Rylan Chapa, a fresh face at school, has come to dominate the softball field and help power our team forward into their FIFTH

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Senior Signing

Marathon athletes Rene Tur Bernal and Diosvaldo Rojas.     Something special happened in Marathon this past Thursday.  Two MHS baseball players Rene Tur Bernal and Diosvaldo Rojas signed their letters of intent.  Letters of intent are informal agreements between universities and prospective players.  The established National Day of signing was Thursday, Feb. 6 on which Rene and Diosvaldo made

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Bats In School!

By Sarah Kratzert At Marathon, animals are not uncommon from iguanas to crabs, but did you know we also have bats? These flying mammals have been spotted in several locations across campus including the auditorium, the stairwells, and anywhere else a confused bat may take refuge. While bats may seem scary, don’t be alarmed! These bats are not dangerous. In

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